Monday, September 27, 2010

Knock knockers

Give me a break.

So I'm sure that you've heard of this whole situation recently, and if you haven't, you undoubtedly live in a cave.  (That would also mean it would be impossible for you to read this blog.. hmmm) Yes, Katy Perry is getting flack for her boobs, and the episode she filmed for Sesame Street is being yanked from the air and won't be broadcast because parents all over the place are upset with how "sexual" she looks for an episode of a kid's show.

What do these parents think she's wearing?  Pasties and nothing else?

I find this whole situation stupid.  She's covered up.  She can't help the size of her chest.  Honestly, maybe the executives at Sesame Street should consider breast size before reaching out to celebrities - yes, laugh.  That does sound ridiculous, but here's my point: when you think of Katy Perry, I'm sure you'll first think of murder, then maybe stupid songs, and then I guarantee you'd likely think "boobs," guy or girl, whoever you are.  Did they not think of it before she got there?  Was the moment she stepped on set the first time they were like "oh, look at her boobs."  A step further: she probably didn't pick her wardrobe.  I say to you, Sesame Street costume department: perhaps you should've put her in a turtleneck?

To be honest, though, I don't even get it.  I think it's fine, what she's wearing, and I don't think she should've been in a turtleneck or something like that.  (I meant, with the turtleneck comment, that if they anticipated this, they wouldn't have dressed her like they did)  Like I said, girl can't help her body.  And like I said, it's not like she's hanging out everywhere and oozing sex: OF COURSE NOT.  She knows she's on Sesame Street, she's not going to hump Oscar the Grouch.

That being said: she's not DOING anything.  She's not being sexy, she's not being provocative; god forbid her top doesn't cover her up completely.  Sure, it may have been a different context if she was dancing around or something, but she's standing there with Elmo.

Besides, kids are stupid.  I hate children; they're dumb and inferior.  I don't know if they'd realize if boobs were onscreen.

I guess there's gratification in this:

Katy Perry, this last Saturday on SNL, being a good sport and jabbing back.  Good job Katy.  Now please stop singing California Girls.

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