Monday, September 27, 2010

Me against the virus

It's just me.  And me.  Britney reference?  Perhaps, to commemorate tomorrow night's Glee episode.

After two harrowing days, I've finally defeated the beast known as Antimalware Doctor.

Here's usually what happens: whenever I even decide I want to ATTEMPT watching a movie or TV show online, I get a virus.  I normally know better; I go to the theaters or rent it or do anything but watch things online, partially from guilt, too.  Last time I tried to watch something online was A Nightmare on Elm Street, I think, last March, and I got a virus from that, too.  Time before that may have been catching up with Glee.

On Saturday night I for some reason decided I wanted to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife, knowing that even if I had friends here in Burlington, they wouldn't want to go (yooooou know who you are, hahaha).  I open the movie, watch about thirty seconds, then decide the quality of the video isn't so great and that I wouldn't be experiencing the 3D aspect of the movie.  I exit, and close my computer.

By the time I open it again a few hours later, I have all these popups and viruses and lord knows what, and great, I got another virus.  If you know me you'll know I do not stay up late at all, and this being at 9pm, I'm clearly distraught because I know I can't go to sleep knowing my computer is a mess.

I was up until about 2 that night, monitoring an ongoing scan (I was given false hope: this supposedly amazing virus protection program does a complete scan, finds 200+ viruses (..!!), gives me the option to delete, I click it, and then it was like "please register."  Fuck you), went to sleep thinking it was okay, and then woke up to my problems multiplied.  I had work in the morning, and I spent my whole shift wondering about the state of my computer; by the time I come home I find 50+ Internet Explorer pages open on dating sites and contests and what have you.  After another multiple hours running countless scans, I think it's (..they?) completely gone.

Point is, I've slayed the beast after countless scans and programs downloaded and everything I could possibly do.  I've learned my lesson: no more watching things online.  Maybe I'll have to suck it up and go see Resident Evil alone.

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