Monday, September 20, 2010

Things I hate

If you know me at all, you know I'm an extremely spiteful person and that I hate a whole lot of things on this horrifying planet.  A things I hate post has been a VERY long time coming, and I figured I'd at least give the first volume of this (yes, it'll almost definitely become a series) in special relation to today.
  • I hate public transit.  Specifically, Mississauga Transit.  Does this make sense: the GO Train I take on Tuesdays and Thursdays departs the Burlington GO Station at 10:10am, and the train ride is approximately 26 minutes, so naturally, the train arrives at the Clarkson GO Station at 10:36am.  The 110 Mississauga North bus, which goes to UTM, departs the station at 10:34am.  WHAT?  REALLY?  DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?  No, this didn't occur today, but it will tomorrow, and I still hate that the damn bus drivers are such crabs that they don't look up and acknowledge your bus pass, and that they just park and go have a smoke or god knows what.  Sometimes, buses don't come at all.  I hate Mississauga Transit.
  • I hate carrying the weight of two small children on my back every day in my backpack.  Laptop, books, it all adds up.  Today, I got to carry my new copy of the complete Shakespeare anthology, which undoubtedly weighed the same as, likely, a hippopotamus.
  • I hate late night Biology classes.  WHY ARE THEY NECESSARY?
  • I hate my itchy beard.
  • I hate yetis.  Yes, yetis.  They exist.  They run wild at UTM.  Here's what happened: BIO206 begins at 6, and the lecture hall is empty right before, so not long before class started me and two of my friends decided to go and get seats and hang out.  There were two other people: some guy with headphones and a yeti.  This yeti was near the front and she starts blasting screamo music on her computer; I don't want to listen to the devil. It was louder than the live feed of Lady Gaga's rally my two friends and I were watching.  Her song finishes, the rally finishes, and so we're talking - maybe with a little volume, and the loudness was undoubtedly amplified in the empty lecture hall - and the YETI comes up and is like "EXCUSE ME, KEEP IT DOWN.  I'M TRYING TO DO WORK AND YOU'RE TALKING LOUD."  Gimme a break.  Yeti, go back to your cave.  I hate yetis.
  • I hate when the people at Starbucks are incompetent and make my coffee-free chocolate drink with coffee.
  • I hate Molecular and Cell Biology.  I hate the professor.  Stop being such a lesbian and start TEACHING ME SO THAT I DON'T FAIL YOUR CLASS

There will be so many more hatred posts to come.


  1. I laughed so fucking hard.

    You win at life, Matt. You truly do.

  2. LOL. "the weight of two small children"