Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The wind and I aren't friends

Today was my first day back.

I actually enjoyed it.  I found myself on the train actually MISSING it, traveling and passing by the familiar buildings and landmarks.  I missed the fury I usually have with Mississauga Transit, and today was no exception; the damn city has the strangest times for buses, none of which line up with trains or are convenient whatsoever, so I found myself waiting a good thirty minutes before a bus rolled into the station. (not to mention the extra ten when the driver got out and went I don't know where.  THAT'S NICE.  Now drive me to school)  I missed the atmosphere; I missed walking around and smiling and waving at the faces that reminded me of last year.  I couldn't stop myself and I caved into buying a Booster Juice.  Juice goodness.

I only had one class today (sat in for an extra one, in addition), Cinema Studies, and I found myself actually interested, a feeling unfamiliar given the classes I had first year.  We'll see how my other classes go tomorrow, and the day after.

We'll also see if my fresh relief to be back at school will fade come tomorrow, as I have class until 7; or if it does survive tomorrow, it won't Thursday, with class until 8.  I can't wait until I sit around for 50 minutes given the stupidity of the train times.  Faaantastic.

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