Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Medium rare

If you knew me, you knew this was coming.

I'm overjoyed that Lady Gaga picked up eight awards at the Video Music Awards (seven for Bad Romance, one for Telephone).  I was in absolute AWE when she announced the name of her album would be BORN THIS WAY, and I became practically paralyzed when she added the chorus of the title track,
I'm beautiful in my way / Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby, / I was born this way
But, to be honest, I've found myself repulsed at her meat dress.

I remained ignorant to the Vogue Japan cover she had where she donned the meat bikini; yeah, I look at it once or twice, I shake my head and wince, but I move on.  Of course, though, she revisited the idea, and wore it in front of millions; with all the news, now, perhaps twicefold.  Ellen DeGeneres has said she was disgusted (being a vegan) that Gaga didn't change out of her meat dress to be on her (Ellen's) VMA special, saying she found it "gross."

Here's the thing.  I'm Gaga's biggest fan.  I know that her shtick is being outlandish, shocking and provocative.  Yes, I like the message she was putting out behind the meat, that if we don't speak out for our beliefs we're "nothing but the meat on our bones," and I like that she added "I'm not a piece of meat."  I get that.  I'm just partially disgusted when I look at her latest outdoing.  Honestly, the idea is just gross.  She wore and SAT IN a dress made out of slabs of MEAT.

At this point, Gaga, we're all listening; the world is listening to you.  Your zaniness caught out attention.  We realized you're obscenely talented.  You don't need to keep shoving shock value in our faces; we're listening.  I know that I, personally, want her full blown, straight-up talent.

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