Friday, September 10, 2010

Bad romance

I know that we are young, and I know that you may love attacking my health me, but I just can't be with you like this anymore.. YOU STUPID HEAD COLD

Dear Cold,

Why must you torment me, on the first week back at school no less?  Why must you threaten my health when after only just surviving the week with you, I still look to a full weekend of work but you're still raging?  Why must you limit my hours of sleep to a number which can be counted on just one hand?

You know, Cold, that my parents have some sort of "cold ignorance."  You remember in Grade 3, when you turned into pneumonia, my parents sent me to school every single day, refusing to look at my drained demeanor.  If I were to ever even consider bringing up the idea of staying home from school due to a cold, my parents would immediately say no.  So why do you still linger when I work at 1 tomorrow?  Why must you put me in a potential position of having to call in sick (second time in only a few weeks), since surely no one wants their cashier to be a sniffling mess.

My biggest gripe of all, Cold, is that you make my night sleepless and my classes excruciating to survive, yet the moment I "wake up" or leave the classroom, standing, I feel a little bit better?  Is that a sick joke?  "You just barely made it through Ecology, eh?  Class out 20 minutes early, you relieved?  Well now, you're not as congested anymore, hah", I can picture you saying.

So for the love of god, I hope to wake up tomorrow morning without you.

Love Matt

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