Saturday, October 2, 2010

September has ended. Wake me up

It's already October.  How is time flying so quickly?  (And do I feel ashamed of referencing Green Day?  ..yes)

It's weird to think that the easy read that has been the month of September is coming to an end.  Done are the days passing by where it's okay to miss a reading or two; done are the weeks without due dates.  Now that October's begin, I feel like my life is being shifted into an overdrive, with three (..four?) midterms coming up in the next two weeks and one (..two?) essays due.  Fun, fun.

Today was no exception: with my first midterm on Monday night, I spent a good seven or eight hours studying.  You're right: it must be the apocalypse, since I've never studied for a test in my life.  But this professor moves through about 50 slides in an hour, breakneck speed with no time to breathe, explain or, more importantly, teach.  So my study session was a good cramming for a midterm with an impossible amount of information.  I'd be lying if I said I was 100% confident, because I'm not; I've heard that the tests are impossibly specific, and looking back at the past exams I'm just overjoyed to see that each multiple choice question has options a-g.  DNA is my mistress.  I'm not sure what I'll do come tomorrow, as I work all day, and I don't know when I'll be able to return to my books.

On the flip side, it's October 2nd.  October 3rd in two hours.  So here's the optimist in me: it's already 10% through the month.  Yeah: what?  I'm certain that time will fly, given the crammed school schedule, and it already looks like each of my weekends are tied up.  Next weekend is already Thanksgiving, and come Friday, just six (five) days until the end of the week, I'll have soldiered through two midterms already.

Deep breath.

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