Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm stressing as hell about my upcoming wisdom teeth removal.  Perhaps what's stressing me out worse is the week I have after Tuesday's surgery: an English paper due in class on Wednesday, an Ecology midterm on Thursday, and a planned trip to Wonderland's Halloween Haunt on Saturday.

My dentist has already patronized me and practically yelled that I'm "not taking this surgery seriously."  Okay, well - I'm a UNIVERSITY STUDENT.  This is beyond inconvenient.  You think I planned to have an essay and a midterm right after my damn wisdom teeth were pulled?

And nearly everyone I've talked to about my dilemma looks at me with a dire, stone cold face.  Nobody's assured me that maybe, MAYBE I'll be healthy enough to go to school on Wednesday to at least hand in my essay; instead, I get horror stories of doom about how I won't even be able to walk the day after.  I've accepted that I'd have to go bruised and swollen; and yes, I know that my healing will be entirely up to chance and yes, it doesn't look so good, but I'd like some maybes or blind assurance.

Am I royally fucked?  Will I miss the deadline to physically hand in my paper, and will I be completely stoned when trying to write an exam?  I hate that this is up to chance, and I hate that I have to sit and wait until the day of.

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