Friday, October 15, 2010

Staring at a wall

This post is a bit of a hodge-podge of topics, though I think they're all cohesive enough with an underlying theme tying them all together.  (I'm such an English student)

First off: my updating skills have been absolutely HORRIBLE, and for that I apologize.  When was my last post, a week ago?  Again, apologies - though I'm not sure if I have any readers frequent enough to care.  (Maybe one or two)  I think it's a combination of two things: that there's nothing going on in my life (more to come later) and that the only big event occurring has been pain, pain and pain (more to come... now!).

As I've previously talked about to DEATH, my wisdom teeth were pulled on Tuesday.  Tuesday night was a bloody mess - do I intend the pun?  Oh yes - and overall my Glee watching experience was not a positive one (it does not help that Quinn has been snatched).  Wednesday was considerably better, but I decided not to chance school, since I had to be there Thursday for an exam; I decided to bide my health and not push it.  But here we are now: wounds healed, I believe; pain to a minimum, stifled by a heavy dose of painkillers; but more importantly, and most unfortunately, a knot of paranoia in my stomach.

I stupidly have scared myself into a corner after reading countless horror stories of post-wisdom teeth removal horror stories - now I'm convinced that I'm developing dry sockets, but I'll spare you the gory details: in a nutshell, they involve the fact that I used a straw immediately after surgery, dislodged a blood clot, and am now (mentally?) experiencing sharp pains (even penetrating the painkill of the pain..killers) even up to my eye.  That's what google told me, being signs of dry sockets.  And now I'm at another standstill, wondering if I'll wake up in the morning to excruciating pain.  Time will tell.  I hate time.

The other big topic tied to my discomfort with staring at a theoretical wall is the reminder that I'm alone in Burlington - again.  Not that anything's changed from the last time I've lamented about this - just the fact that last weekend, Thanksgiving, I had all my loved best friends at home and in one place again; and technically, come the end of the weekend, I had to go through another sort of goodbye, I'll still be here, that I've done time and time again.  My Friday night is so far consisting of watching CSI reruns and playing classic Pokemon Gold (YUP!), and it makes me slightly unhappy knowing what's beyond my walls, my city.  Aaaanyways.

Blah blah lament lament

Tomorrow has something going for it, definitely: Wonderland!

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