Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The devil

This set of stairs in my house is the devil.

Satan's Staircase has caused multiple injuries throughout the years.  My aunt notably fell down the entire set; various extended family members have missed a few steps; and a few years ago my mom tripped on the sixth step from the bottom while going down, causing her to crash down and break her foot.  My sister and I have even taken minor spills.

Just three weeks ago I broke my knee on the devil (as some may be aware of).  Thankfully it's seeming to heal, but I have my good and bad days.  For the most part, I'm okay.

That is, until last night: when I fell at the EXACT SAME SPOT in the EXACT SAME WAY (my foot was flat on the cursed step and then slipped out from under me) with my bum leg - in some flash of desperation I turned mid-fall so my whole left side took the blow rather than landing on my broken knee.  I felt a little bit winded but I'll take anything if it means keeping my knee away from receiving the brunt of a fall.

I'm calling an exorcist.


  1. Now that is creepy.
    Well, i fel the curvature of the steps is to blame for all the accidents, and ofcourse satan finding a good spot to commit such accidents!!
    hope to see what happens after the exorcist comes to the cure!! good luck bro!

  2. Ah I'm not actually calling an exorcist, that's just my twisted humour! But those stairs really have it out for me - I tripped twice on them yesterday