Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Teenage dream

As of today, I'm 20.

The question of the day already has been: "how does it feel being 20?"  Well, it feels like being 19.  I'm listening to the exact same music I was yesterday.  I am wearing the same clothes I've worn before.  Nothing's different; this birthday, I don't even get the perks of "unlocking" a milestone in life (16 with driving, 18 with gambling, 19 with drinking.. legally).  I can't even say that I'm more mature because I'm not more mature since last night - I'm still making the same jokes in text messages and the same ugly faces at my sister around corners who is always giving them back, but only uglier.

It's weird to think of being 20 as a farewell to my teenage years.  I'll never again have a 1 before my age, unless - and knock on wood - I live until I'm 100.  It's also very strange to think that I'm half way to 40; that by my next decade birthday, I might be married (I hope to be married before I'm 30, yeah).

I like the fact that I've escaped the teenager stereotype - that is, "older" people looking down on my generation as delinquents.  I've never appreciated that; yeah, there are dirtbags everywhere, but I always hated that I was lumped together with people with no lives when in reality I'm respectful and knowledgeable.  Well, society: I'm 20.  I'm officially an adult.

As for celebration: nothing today.  (that's the other million dollar question: "what are your plans?"  My plans are sitting in the same spot on the couch in my sweatpants listening to the Born This Way album on repeat)

My parents are taking me out for dinner; restaurant of my choice.  I have yet to decide if I still love them, though, because I got a nice "Happy birthday, Matt, we don't have a gift for you because we don't know how to buy for you."  I'd be burned but I've faced that issue all my life, and while it really does piss me off that people close to me can't come up with something, I'm unfortunately used to it.  From my parents I will accept nothing less than a yacht.

In respect to the "party," well, that occurred last Saturday, and I had the time of my life (dirty bit).  My best friends all gathered together in a basement in snazzy clothing and as the number of beers consumed sharply inclined I was given the absolutely jaw dropping gift of a bottle of absinthe.  We all decided to try it. One thing led to another and then all of a sudden I was then escorted / ejected / asked to leave because of being so sexy from the establishment where we found ourselves.  I am shamed, but I guess there's no other way to party hard on your birthday than getting thrown out of the most classless bar in the city to begin with.  Another friend of mine got me a Lady Gaga DVD, a stuffed "animal" of Gonorrhea, and a flask - right? - with my initials engraved on it.  (I am not an alcoholic)

All in all, my birthday thus far has been pretty rad.  I won't lie when I say I love getting message after message on Facebook or coming in on my blackberry.  I like the feeling of being "loved aloud" - that is, I know people like me, I know my best friends love me, but I like that today I get to hear it out loud rather than what's assumed and commonplace.

We'll see what being 20 brings me.


  1. Happy Birthday! You hold out for that yacht. It'll happen eventually ;)

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