Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It's May!  You know what that means?  Gaga's ass!  (to which my mother shrieked "TAKE THAT DOWN!" and my best response was "MOM SHE WAS BORN THAT WAY" and I think it did the trick because I'm still going to bed every night beside that ass)

In all seriousness, now that it's May, I've made a number of "revelations" about my life.  (revelations is a steep word, but you get the idea) Taking heed of the new month as a springboard to my hopeful changes for the summer, I've decided that this month I'll start making a difference in my own life, whether it be returning to old habits or starting new ones.

The biggest change happening in May - and the only one independent of choice - is the fact that I'm turning 20.  I'll be halfway to 40!  I really doubt turning 20 will bring about any staggering maturity or difference in my life, but who knows what no longer being a teenager will bring me.  Stay tuned.

In a physical aspect: I'm joining a gym.  Lolwut?  IKR! gtfolmao

But, it's true.  By the looks of it I'll be signing up with a friend which is perfect because it's the type of motivation I actually need to keep up with it.  It's been something I've been meaning to do for a while (the classic excuse), and now that it's coming to fruition I'm eager and nervous.  Aside from that I dug up my old failed Lent home workout routine, except this time I'm not using my treadmill but rather the ancient stationary bike we have.  I've always loathed running so I'm sure that's what killed my attempt earlier this year; at least this way I know I have enough endurance to do it, and plus, it doesn't hurt that when I'm sitting on the bike I play Brickbreaker or Pokemon on my Blackberry.  Passes the time, I say!

In a creative aspect: I've decided to get back to something I enjoy greatly: that is, having a creative process.  Much like summers past, I've decided again to write a full-fledged story, but already I've noticed that whenever I've had the writing itch I produce nothing.  (when I say the "writing itch" I mean that sometimes I'm just sitting around and I'm nearly exploding with the want to just write, so I relocate to somewhere solitary in my house with a blank word document and then just stare at it until I go get something to eat and forget about the itch altogether)

Another related feat I've thought about attempting is to write a screenplay given that it's in my blood to become a director; I have nothing to show for it yet, though.  A screenplay seems almost fifty times as hard as writing just a story, but it's something I want to learn and at least try.

Finally - and I'm sure I'd end up doing this anyways even if I didn't affirm it here - I'll return to painting this summer.  Much like my writing conundrum, it takes quite a while before I progress past staring at a blank slate before me, but I've at least yielded success in the past and I'm sure I'll be successful again.

In a blogger aspect - and I'm sure you may or may not have realized by now: I've redesigned my blog.  Nothing astounding, nothing groundbreaking, but I grew tired of looking at the old and drab.  (not that this is any more colourful)  Hopefully it's sexier.

Who knows.  Maybe at the end of the summer I'll be some ripped Quentin Tarantino with painted masterpieces even da Vinci would give a thumbs up to.

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