Wednesday, March 23, 2011


On this glorious day full of springtime snowfall, I came to discover that one of my literature classes was canceled for the day, giving me a glaringly large break in my day from 2 until 5.  Naturally, I decided that that three hour window would be a great time to get working on (but by get working on, I mean start) an essay for my Shakespeare class due in a week's time.  I came to school all saddled up with my laptop and its power cord (the godforsaken battery is so horrible that it lasts for five minutes without being plugged in.  No lie, it's that bad), and when my last class before the break ended, I trooped to the library through a sheet of snow harassment.

By the time I got there and made it up the stairs to the top floor, I was out of breath and in search of a cubicle with a plug where I could sit down and get to work.  My search came up empty, as everywhere was full.  I finally came to a comfy chair in the collaborative study area - so, pretty much, a place where idiots can flock to talk their damn mouths off all the while being able to say, "I'm at the library!" - beside a plug.  Of course the plug was dead, so I played it cool for a few minutes before I got up and left.

My next option was a group of couches up in the CCIT building.  I narrowly dodged election campaigners on my way, but I made it to the third floor and to an empty couch with an adjacent working plug.

In fact, I sit here now.  And I sit here boiling with rage.  Across from me sits a guy and a girl on the same couch.  The guy is absorbed in his laptop while the girl is half talking to him, half on her phone.

And to them, I say - (which is ironic since I'm ranting about her when she's literally three feet away from me) - please, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

This girl has one of the most annoying voices I have ever heard.  It makes her sound incredibly, incredibly stupid.  It doesn't help that everything she says is so drawn out and slow that she sounds mentally retarded.  She literally hasn't stopped talking since I got here - and it's been close to forty-five minutes now.  I am not kidding when I say I think she is retarded.  In the blissful forty-five minutes I've been here for, I've heard the following:
  • "Do we use the metric system?"
  • "What is the metric system?" (I nearly fell over when I heard this)
  • She read off the next week's weather report.. highs, lows, nighttime lows, humidity, chance of precipitation.
  • "Oh, my, god, boys are so stupid!"
  • "This game is so difficult!  Oh my god!"  (she's playing a game on her phone.  Her guy friend asked her what she's playing, to which she had answered "Solitaire")
Needless to say, any drive I had to write my essay is long gone after hearing this girl's idiotic slow airy voice for a long period of time.  (if it's any indication of my progress: I'm blogging) I would get up and leave, but I'm certain the library is still just as busy and the amount of quiet places to go on campus with available plugs is shockingly low.  I literally have felt my brain slowly seep out of my ears.

If there's anything I hate on this planet, it's idiots.  I would've thought that going to a university (or post-secondary at all) would've propelled me away from lowlifes and into a place where academics alike go to pursue a higher call to life through learning.  The amount of idiocracy I witness on campus from day to day astounds me.  It honestly astounds me.  Yes, I may have turned into a bit of a snob since high school: I do pride myself on going to one of the most reputable universities in Canada, and yes, I generally surround myself with people who are stimulating to me - intelligently or otherwise.  It is simply shocking to me that I still encounter people who have IQs lower than Rebecca Black.

She's left to go to class.  God has answered my prayers.  Or, perhaps, my blogging has some sort of subliminal power to influence people to do my bidding.  I like that option.

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