Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Drunk Post

Are you ready for a really good laugh at my expense?

Last night was a night of heavy drinking at the Brockhouse.  I'm sure anyone in attendance can attest to my sloppiness - though I wasn't the sloppiest of the night! cough someone's boyfriend - since I was a little bit loud and more than a little bit off key with my singing.

Apparently, I was let loose in the house and stumbled upon a computer.  Given that I'm always magnetically compelled to check up on my blog at every moment, I guess I ended up on here, and I ended up writing a little nugget of goodness.  I've decided to name it the Drunk Post, as I really am at a loss for any other title aside from that.  I'll usually fairly cohesive with my typing when intoxicated - I've sent many a texts out to various people after drinking.  For some reason, though, the keyboard didn't agree with me last night.

I apologize, but at the same time, you're welcome.


Oh my ghod.  Thsa iwas a baaaad idea I promise.  I've had 9 beers.  9 beers!!  I've made a beer-yramid.  I need to only vcompltete the final layer, and the beer-yramid shall be complete.  Comepeltk

I ffeeel asleo this is a highly horrible idea.  But yetg, it might be the fuinnyiost post I post.  I feel that my plan is as such: I wtype this like as DRTUNK and then post it the saY aftewre wehn I\m like omgfg, I can't believbe I did that,

This isa esp[ecially

I was just interuppted by people who have bligsa\` !!!!!!!! Ignite.


Ignite, my lovelies.  Ignite.

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