Sunday, December 5, 2010

R.I.P. blog

Just a quick one: I pretty much just partook in the assisted suicide of my blog when I changed my Facebook profile into the "New Facebook."  First off, it's ugly as hell.  The thing that's worst is that the "About Me" box is now removed and relocated and only accessed when actually clicking Info, therefore meaning that my blog audience has probably PLUMMETED since it now takes effort to reach the link.  Sure, maybe I have regular readers, but I know I don't have many; the causal reader is now likely vanished, the constant updating of "last update on:" will probably mean nothing, and to be quite honest, this post may be the first of many to start collecting dust.  Oh.. no.  Will I have to start shamelessly plugging the link to my blog in status updates, crossing the line of desperation?

I repeat.  Oh.. no.

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