Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'd rather take O.W.L.s

Despite my ignorant bliss of having time off from school, I know that my exams are looming just around the corner; I've pushed off studying for them as much as possible, opting to play the Sims on my computer or read the entire series of Harry Potter (I'm nearly through with Prisoner of Azkaban).  It's now Tuesday, and my first is on Thursday, and I know that I can't avoid it any longer.

I have three spread out over five days - one day on, one day off, until I'm finally finished by 3pm on Monday afternoon.  I'd consider myself very lucky that my first semester wrapped up so quickly, as I sit back and heckle my friends who have exams up until Christmas (I'm kidding); my happiness is soon dwindled when I know that I return to class on January 3rd.  That sucks.

As per usual, I'm going into exams - specifically, only one this time - with the fear of failing a class.  I won't, I never have and I never will, but the fact that everything I do for BIO206 ends up falling short gives me little hope for the final exam.  I can't win with that class; so much impossible detail for even more impossible expectations.  I calculated that I only need a 25% on the final to pass, and that's doable, although I'd love it if I came out with something that RESEMBLES a respectable mark.

But, for the first time, I'm actually going into exams with security.  I know I can bomb my Science Fiction exam and still come out with a high 60 - even though I'd have to write in a different language or be completely incoherent to fail that exam.  It's nice knowing that extreme amounts of effort actually do pay off.  This just serves as yet another reminder that my strengths are completely in the realm of English and that I am where I should be.

At this rate, time has been flying already; before I know it, it'll be Monday afternoon, and I can resume my status as lazy lazy lazy for another three weeks.

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