Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome to December

Time has FLOWN.  It seems only yesterday I was complaining about going back to school, fearing for my venture into the world of humanities, but here we are: it's December 1st, classes are over, and I've once again found myself in the comfort of sitting in the same spot day in and day out.

I'm certainly excited for the Christmas season and for the upcoming reunion of sorts when I see many faces who have been missing in my life.  (As I put it to one of my friends, "we all get to be reunited with each other's glorious faces" to which she replied "you're going to make me cry")  Plans are already formulating - including a "drunk day" and the braving of a savage night of Moonlight Madness at Mapleview - and provided my work schedule doesn't restrict me much I hope to take in as MUCH as humanly possible.

Of course, there are still exams to worry about, but call me a slacker when I say I want to at least enjoy the rest of the week until buckling down.  I've also decided to only study in sequential order, and given that I have three exams over five days each padded by a day in between, I'll focus my attention to each for an intense 48 hour session of cram cram cram.  Who knows, that might be my downfall.

Aside from that, I don't have much to look forward to - maybe a few movies or TV shows or books I want to finally watch or catch up on or read; maybe I'll get to writing since I'm upset with myself for missing NaNoWriMo - thus meaning my blog will likely become a hotbed of monotony!

Also, just an added note: it's come to my attention that my blog is actually being Googled, and if you type 'hausofmatt' into Google I'm the first result.  Bitchin!

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