Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Over the moon

As a nerd, today was a very huge day for me.

For one, Lady Gaga (the least nerdiest of this bunch of three, I'd say, but it still fits in with how extreme a fan I become of things) premiered a remix of a new song off of Born This Way at some French fashion show.  My friend and I sat there in awe during class, glued to our earphones.  Since it was illegally recorded, the lyrics aren't clear; in fact, there isn't much singing at all, except for one line whose melody is gorgeous.  The rest is spoken - reminds me of Dance in the Dark - and I'm convinced it's German.  I have yet to hear words, but I'm sure I will after I listen to it five hundred times.

Next: Anne Hathaway was cast as Catwoman in the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.  OH MY GOD.  I love Anne Hathaway, I like Catwoman (happy that the character is in the movie), I love Batman, and I love that just a few hours before reading the news I was explaining to someone over text about how I wanted the then rumoured Hathaway to play an unconfirmed Catwoman.  So awesome.



So I'm the biggest X-Men fan on the face of the planet, right?  Imagine my happiness at hearing a new X-Men movie, a prequel entitled X-Men: First Class, was to be made.  Imagine my delight when learning Wolverine wouldn't be a part of it - I hate him - and that it'd be an origin story of the characters we already know, as well as introductions to characters who I've been dying to see in their on screen forms.  Imagine my euphoria after hearing about the cast: James McAvoy as Professor X, Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Basterds) as Magneto, Kevin Bacon as villain Sebastien Shaw, January Jones - who.. uh.. after those photos might be one of my new.. obsessions - as Emma Frost, among others (a young Beast! a young Mystique! Havok! Banshee! Moira McTaggart! Angel! [wait who's Angel.. oh some bug chick.. okay]).  Now picture me after seeing these photos.

In truth, I had seen the cast photo yesterday; it leaked in low quality.  To be honest, I was completely underwhelmed; the photoshopping of characters together and the horrible shadows and the overall mediocrity of the picture left me feeling cold; the costumes weren't quite what I pictured.  I had no problems with Ms Jones, but otherwise.. eh.  Truthfully, my opinions haven't EXACTLY changed.  I think Beast looks awful, and the costumes are still a bit meh, but the movie is set in the 60s and I can understand that they wouldn't look lavish.  It might also be a case where things look bad in that particular shot, and may look good in motion.  So here I am, waiting for a trailer..

(an update: apparently the director is furious that the cast photo exists because he said it's unofficial and looks like shit.  That's extremely relieving.  I woke up this morning to find more pictures, and the next is BEYOND badass)

But the rest.. holy fuck.  I'm over the moon.  I'm beyond ecstatic.  My doubts about the film (the fact that the production was rushed, that it's coming out in June and we haven't had ANY promotion aside from this) all vanished.  I can't stop staring at these pictures.

February 13th (Born This Way single premiere) better get here soon.  May 23rd (Born This Way the album) better get here soon.  June 3rd (X-Men: First Class) better get here soon.  2012 (The Dark Knight Rises) better get here soon.

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