Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We'll still have the summer after all

It's August 31st.

Four months ago, I started my glorious summer break.  Four months ago, I stressed about school, but decided to push it off until "its relevant."  Well, now it is.  Summer's over, and school starts in a week.  I'm mostly upset, though partially relieved that my life is going to completely shift gears into something fresh and new.  No guarantees that I'll feel the same after a month or so, begging once more for the summer months to come quickly.

This summer I got my first job.  I know right?  About time you lazy moose.  I enjoyed the last bit of April and all of May without work, but figured something actually had to be done about the finance situation.  So as if by a rift in the space time continuum, or by divine intervention, I was hired somewhere.  I did enjoy it, and I still actually do, but anyone who I've talked to knows my frustration with the amount of shifts I've gotten, or more precisely, the complete LACK.  I'm now conflicted as to whether or not I should keep it through the year; I could do weekends, but I don't want my shiny one shift a week to interrupt plans.  It's hard now being the only one not moving away, my friends in different places all around me, and I know I want to use my time off from class to make a world tour of campus visits.

This summer I got the chance to travel to Costa Rica.  The trip overall was a bit of a nightmare, including three room changes due to no air conditioning or septic smells, a lost wedding ring, a temporarily lost cellphone, and to cap it all off, a horrible injury.  Aside from all that, the weather was nice, the scenery amazing, the sun hotter than hell.  I also went zip-lining through the rainforest, which was indescribable, and I'm completely grateful that I can say I've experienced that in my life.

This summer I saw Lady Gaga for the third time, and for the last time (for now).  I know, it's a bit extreme, seeing the same over and over, but we know how much I love her and how much she changed everything from tour to tour, so honestly, it's a different experience every time.  I'm waiting for new material, so that I don't waste money on the same setlist.  There's only so many times I care to see Teeth performed live.  (yeah I hate that song)

This summer, aside from all that, I didn't do much.  There were weeks on end where I'd go without contact from any of my friends, and where I stayed around the house watching movies or aimlessly surfing the net or writing, because, yes, this summer I actually started and am still writing a story.  I can't say I'm ever pleased with what I write, but the fact is that I had enough motivation this summer to start that I'm still rolling.  I didn't go many places this summer aside from the traveling; Wonderland still remains a mystery to my 2010 self, but I look forward to the Halloween Haunt and repeating the good times from last year.

Can I say I'm happy with my summer?  To some extent.  I think it depends on the day or week; it was a roller coaster from fun to boredom to fulfilled expectations to some unfulfilled.  Like I said, I'm partially glad that I'm going back to school, just for the change of pace.  It'll be a different story Tuesday morning.

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  1. You better prepare for a rockin' 2nd year of university. So you can run and tell that, home boy.