Monday, August 23, 2010

Smile for the (papa-) paparazzi

Why is it that whenever someone pulls out their camera to say, "Smile!", I feel like I'm completely ready for a great picture, feel like I'm looking like
But then I see the final photograph, and I look a little bit like
Why, God?  Why have you punished me with the gift of being so unphotogenic?

NOTE:  I don't actually think I look like Brad Pitt; in fact I don't actually feel like I'm overly attractive at all.  Similarly, I definitely do NOT think I look like Fergie, either (even though we know that Fergie is a post-op man).  It's all just a humourous representation of how good I think I may look before the camera's flash and how bad I actually do look after.  So let's all lol together.


  1. Lmao. That made me giggle so much.

    Don't worry, I'm horrendously unphotogenic as well. =)

    Besides, it makes for funny things to laugh at, right?

  2. Intended giggles.

    Hey remember that time you took pictures of me after we went on Behemoth three times in a row and then Psyclone right after? Remember? :|

  3. Oh yeah! I still have them! They're going on the internet. >=)