Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let's get things rolling

Sup, blog world?

I think it was only a matter of time before I got myself one of these things.  Nearly all summer I've been looking for a creative vent, and since the story I've been trying to write is at an indefinite standstill, I needed to look elsewhere.  Then, I was turned onto getting a blog after a certain someone did, too, and here we are now; me, content in finding an outlet, although the summer's soon to be gone in less than three weeks.  Better late than never?

And now for the introductory blather.  I'm Matt.  Probably, if you're reading this, you know me.  I shouldn't even say probably... I should say definitely.  So yes, I'm the same old Matt you know in person, or as a profile on Facebook, or wherever else in this world my consciousness has manifested itself.  19, very tall, I'd pride myself on saying I'm a nice guy, maybe even a hilarious one.  UofT is the hell I call my university.  I read a lot, I watch a lot of movies, I listen to a lot of Lady Gaga.  Me in a nutshell.

This blog will become my fuck you to the world, in all honesty.  I sure do sound like quite the cynic based on these few lines, don't I?  Anyone close enough to me knows that I'm a very angry person, so more often than not the posts here will probably be quasi-explosions of the ranting nature, as there are many topics floating around in my mind giving me grief.  On a more positive note, and perhaps a less rude one, I'm intent on starting up with writing movie reviews; a dream job would be working as a movie critic, and I realize I can't wait around until that opportunity lands in my lap without actually putting in some sort of effort.  Instead, I need to build a foundation, and although this may seem as juvenile or even pointless, I can start with my portfolio here where an audience (even if they're peers) can read them.

So, without further ado, the Haus of Matt.
(lame title?  I kinda think so.  It's quite obviously a play on Gaga's creative Haus.  Anything more creative in your minds?  Lemme know!)

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