Monday, October 31, 2011

Troll! In the dungeon!

Happy Halloween!

I'd say Halloween is my favourite holiday, unless I decide that Halloween and Christmas are tied or that Christmas was exceptionally successful in which case Halloween would fall second.  (you may or may not be familiar with my thoughts about Christmas, but I won't divulge into it [yet; it's not even November yet..] and seem like a Scrooge, it's too early) I've always been over-enthusiastic about choosing my costume for the year, usually beginning to think about it (and, if I'm particularly crazy, assemble it) during the summer.  I usually am stuck with the repeating problem of what to be, because here's my philosophy: because I love Halloween so much, it seems a waste to me to be something like "police man" or "cowboy" because costumes like that are so generic.  Given that I'm not overly good at thinking up clever costumes, I then stick to characters, because characters are memorable.  Even still, it's difficult.

This year, my costume was essentially chosen for me.  I was part of a big collective Grey's Anatomy costume spearheaded by the craziest Grey's fans I know, two of my friends, who also happened to be hosting their annual Halloween party along with their roommates at their house.  Given that I'm tall, dark (I guess..), and not just handsome but sexy (ha!), I was given the task of becoming Dr. Derek Shepherd, douchebag husband and neurosurgeon extraordinaire - McDreamy himself.  In preparation, recall, I watched the entire series of Grey's over the summer and experienced the roller coaster every Grey's fan I'm sure has experience only on super fast forward - that roller coaster being massive obsession to gradual disappointment (the Grey's obsessed I know have not yet reached that.  They will always be massively obsessed) to dear God, just cancel the show so that I no longer must be obligated to watch every week, and yes I do feel that way sometimes because I can't just give up on those characters now.  I digress.  I purchased my navy blue scrubs months ago - I am, after all, an attending surgeon, so I get the navy scrubs - and dusted off my lab coat from the days when I was a failure of a science student.  I must say, these scrubs are some of the most comfortable clothes I own.  I am wearing them now.  It saddens me that Halloween is on a Monday because the holiday isn't over but the festivities already are; regardless I remain in my scrubs and lab coat with my badge (the greatest addition to the costume by far courtesy of my friend) as I finish readings for the upcoming week - we obviously don't get kids living in a residence complex.

100% authentic and pure genius.  Gave me that extra umph to fully embody McDreamy, and that I did.
My Halloween consisted of attending the aforementioned Halloween party.  I traveled there on Friday and was delighted to know the bar ten minutes away from the house was having a Halloween costumed event in addition to its weekly country night.  I made it to the bar.  I enjoyed the bar.  I was kicked out of the bar not even an hour after arriving due to reasons you can conclude come with drinking I think it was nine beers in succession before leaving for the bar.  I then proceeded to die.

Saturday was the worst day of my life.  I woke up around 7am - I can never sleep in when I've been drinking - to the disgusting misfortunes of the night before.  (I won't say, but I was still wearing my scrubs and we proceeded to wash them in the afternoon) Sitting upright was absolutely impossible so I remained curled in a ball on the couch until about 2pm when we all decided to visit the greatest and cheapest breakfast place known to man.  I spent my deadly headache watching movie after movie, first Baby Mama then Bridesmaids, then once returning from brunch (I guess it was) moved onto Mulan and Aladdin.  By then only the headache remained, and it was bearable.  A Zola was purchased to make my costume more authentic (Derek and Meredith have attempted to adopt a baby from Africa named Zola) and in effort to gloss over the absolutely despicable actions that followed I will only provide that Zellers did not sell black baby dolls so alternative methods were employed.  To stay true to the characters my Halloween wife and I decided to stash Zola away somewhere in the house during the party, proclaiming "Where did Meredith stash Zola?" (Meredith in the show stole Zola on the day she discovered they weren't getting her and hid her away in the hospital), and Zola spent the night in a washing machine, an oven, and a cupboard.  My partying motivation was at a minimum due to the night before tainting the taste of beer, so I casually drank over the entire night (which lasted until freaking 4:30am due to a certain drunk person's entertainment) without actually getting drunk off of my ass like the Friday night bar excursion, but the party was still quite fun.  The group donning the scrubs was fantastic when completely assembled, and I'm anxiously awaiting the number of pictures we took as a group as well as as characters and "couples."

As with any holiday, I'm always a little bit upset when things wind down.  I'll conclude my Halloween night by finishing a book that needs to be read for class on Thursday, and to evoke the spirit one last time, I'll watch Rocky Horror Picture Show in my scrubs, of course.  I'll miss the Halloween decorations I see in stores or even around campus, but I know come morning, the obnoxious amount of Christmas will begin to suffocate me since I notice the Christmas season always starts immediately.  Here's hoping for a good Christmas this year! - I'm thinking it will be.  But for now: boo.


  1. I resent the fact that you called the actions regarding Zola "despicable". IT WASN'T OUR FAULT!