Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things I Really Hate

(well, DAMN!  I haven't posted in a while.  Not to worry, though: I'm moving into residence in a week and I'm sure I'll have an abundance of free time and suppressed creative energy)

This post is the long overdue sequel entry to one of my own personal favourite posts, Things I Hate.  (read it here - jesus, I wrote that a year ago - or in fact even read its sequel, More Things I Hate, found here.  I guess that makes this a trilogy!) So, naturally, here are some of my pet peeves, which I, yes, hate.

The use of the word "true."  It makes my mind numb when the person you're speaking to says "true" as a substitute for saying anything with meaning as a response to something you've said.  The only time I ever use the word true as a response is when it's functionally appropriate, such as during a discussion with differing opinions and a valuable statement is made where I say to myself, "oh, that's true," or when in agreement with a fact of actual truth.  Shoot me dead if I ever respond to your meaningful statements with a "yeah true;" I'd much rather just flat out say "sorry, I'm not exactly interested in what you're talking about" instead of half-assing a "true" as a "suitable" oral placeholder for apathy.  (That's exactly what I consider the use of the word to be nowadays.  I can't count how many times people talking to me just mutter or type a "true" after I go on and on, and honestly, sometimes it's like a slap in the face.  "You're talking to me?  I don't have enough brain function or care to offer rebuttal, so I'll just say 'true' and hopefully you'll shut up."  The use of the word true is like an easy way out of a conversation, only when you use it, you're making it clear that you're not invested or interested at all)

Receiving one word answers.  Again, seriously, just slap me in the face.  It's like talking to a disrespectful brick wall when you constantly are answered with one worded answers like the almighty "true" to things you've legitimately said for the sake of effort fueled socialization.  I take it as serious disrespect and disregard and honestly, it pisses me off to no end.  I'd much prefer no answer over a half assed "yep."

When people leave their blinkers on while driving.  Seriously, dumbfucks, there is a flashing light on your dashboard and a loud, annoying ticking noise.  Flip your damn blinkers off.

Incorrect use of apostrophes.  An apostrophe is not supposed to be used on a plural noun.  You see it on facebook constantly: "I have the best friend's in the world!" or "work suck's!"  (it's sad, but it happens) Good god, people, learn simple grammar.

Hell: spelling mistakes.  How hard is it to spell!?  It baffles me to know people are able to advance through the ranks of education while still spelling like a caveman.  But im not a gud spellar!  Get an education.

Now I'm just on a full on rant roll: spell check.  Yeah, it's a good tool for when you make silly mistakes, but I feel like spell check is a crutch for idiots who can't spell any better than when they were in the third grade.  I feel like society nowadays is dependent on the easy way out: so many things have been simplified to the basic of terms by advancements in technology that laziness is only amplified.  Say, for example: for school, computers are now sold with some sort of microphone that transcribes everything a professor says in a word document, so that student would then lean back and pay even less attention.  I understand using something like that if you legitimately need it, but come on, how lazy can you get?

Now I'm in a rage.

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