Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I just got back from seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 for the second time and I think I enjoyed it more than I did the first time - maybe that's because I didn't have to wait until midnight or wait in a line that wrapped around the theater for three hours before seeing it.  I'm still disappointed in the handling of some of the death scenes (I think I'm even angrier about [spoiler] Weasley because they don't even show him getting killed, just disarmed and then later as a corpse) but I'm still in complete and absolute awe at the sheer spectacle of the movie.

I have this weird thing where after I eat movie popcorn I crave milk and I drink easily up to five glasses of milk (okay, not drink, guzzle) once I get home.

I have this other weird eating thing where I can only eat chips out of a freshly opened bag.  I don't pour a bowl from a large bag of chips after they've been previously opened.  Similarly, somewhat, I detest crumbs, specifically Pringles crumbs, so I pour out a bowl of Pringles, separate whole chips from crumbs, eat the crumbs begrudgingly, and then put the whole chips back in the bowl and carry on with my snacking.

I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy.  I began watching the series two weeks ago today and now I'm on the tenth episode of the third season.  Four and a half full seasons to go by the end of summer!  I'm so obsessed that I began thinking about how cool it would be to be a surgeon, but I don't have the brains or the stomach of steel to do it.

Last Thursday I got so drunk at karaoke that I sang the Time Warp onstage.

I had a hardcore rap session in the car driving back from the movies tonight with three of my friends.  Eminem got nothing on me.

I used to be into hardcore rap when I was in grade eight, but those were the days before I discovered hair gel (I can't believe I never used hair gel, I have the curliest hair on the planet and it's a beast to tame) and when I used to wear khakis everyday (I used to have jeans) with oversized gangster looking sweatshirts.  Those were dark times.  I then kinda moved into a grey phase of my music interests, dabbling here and there in the not-mainstream crap, until Lady Gaga came along.

Unlike most kids I never had that dream of the perfect job.  I used to idealize being an architect, but that's only because my parents told me it'd be a good job.  (it involves physics.  I'm out) I used to want to be a forensic scientist but I realize now after a failed year of university in forensic science it was a pipe dream caused by watching a little bit too much TV.  I fantasize about being a director or screenwriter or published author but things like that happen to the luckiest and most talented people and I'm far from being either.

I don't know what the purpose of this blog post is.  (I'm not drunk I swear to god) Now you know me a bit better.  Lucky you.  ;)

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