Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Drunk Post: The Sequel

Holy hell.  Apparently, in my drunken stooper, I decided that it would be a good idea to replicate one of my previous blog posts entitled "The Drunk Post" - at least, if anything, this time it's waaaaay more cohesive and takes a lot less effort to decipher.  (grammatically, that is.  As for reasoning - I just don't know..) Something possessed me to blog while extremely intoxicated; I promise you, my friends, I am paying for it in a disgusting way as I type this disclaimer, and I've doomed myself to a permanent position on my couch watching TV.  Never again.  Ready for some humour at my misfortune's expense?

So! There's a transformer in my head, and it's going on and on and I'm like trasnformer, stop it, please, I'd like my beautiful sleeping time.  Transformers, robot in disgusie.

My friends amnd I desiced to go to a clubbish shit thing above a Philty McNasty's resurtant in here, and like we got there and there were around five opeple tjere so it was no fun.  But before we even left I had like  2/3s of a 26er of rum and a few beers, but by a few I mean 4, and a shot of absnithe.  I'm ready to goooo, THERE WAS NOBODY THERE EXCEPT SOME LEATHER COUCHES THAT LOOKED LIKE GUIDOS AND SNOOKI.

I think.. I odn't kmow.  Yhis is horrifyingly horrific and I'll regret dis chit in the morning but whateva! I had a good time dancing on an empty daince floor. Mehheh

To the h8ers: rofl

I hate you, and I'm like, my sister is trying to sleep but I'm hollering everywhere and if I'm able to find my Scream costume I feel like I might scare her in the night. SHHHHH weeping the fountain of eternal youth.  Be young, be free, be immortal, highway unicorn

In sum:
  • There were Transformers in my head.  Hopefully it was Optimus Prime..
  • The couches at the club I was at looked like Snooki.  (!?)
  • I'm devious, though thoroughly inspirational. 

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  1. This is hilarious. It must have been horrifying to imagine those couches to be snooki :))