Friday, February 11, 2011

Confessions of a paranoid neurotic

I have a ton of quirks and weird habits.  Some with reason, some just too strange to look into.

  • I can only get in my bed from the left side.  If I don't... something doesn't seem right.
  • Every time I go into the bathroom upstairs I need to pull open the shower curtains to make sure that there's nobody there.  I think it stemmed from seeing that movie Thir13en Ghosts, since there was that one naked ghost who had Exorcist-like cuts all over her body and who hung out in a bloody bathtub.  That's irrational, she doesn't exist.  But murderers do.  Therefore I check the bathtub.  At any hour of the day.
  • The first day of class is always the most crucial: the way that I write my notes that day will set the norm for how I write them the rest of the semester.  If I write important terms in red capitals, I write important terms in red capitals all semester.  If I use dots (like this list) this is how I do it all semester.  It's very stressful.
  • I don't do well with spontaneous plans, I much prefer to know exactly what'll happen.  Being friends with the people I am have got me to loosen up with my spontaneity.
  • Like any other obsessive compulsive, I hate when my food touches on my plate.  I eat the simplest forms of food with the least mix and mash of ingredients.  Hamburgers from McDonald's?  Plain.  Nothing.  No condiments, no lettuce, nothing.
  • I can't fall asleep unless my closet doors are closed.  An axe murderer could be in there, you know.
  • This one is.. very, very morbid.  When my parents (or anyone) say that they're going out for an hour and end up being out for longer, I immediately think that there's been a horrible accident and that the police haven't been able to contact me.  I logged "Home" as a contact in my blackberry just in case that ever happened to me.

I'm crazy.


    1. Believe me when I say that this is my favourite post on your blog.

    2. :o) Is it bad that this made me giggle? sorry... I'm totally gonna steal this idea for a blog post (If you read it, then don't be surprised if it seems like I'm copying your bathtub neuroses. ;oD)

    3. WOW, okay, so I completely agree with all these points, except the food touching thing.

      My food is welcome to touch, but I have to eat them one at a time, meaning there's no scooping peas and mash and carrots on the same fork, or even jumping from one to the other, I'll eat all the peas, then the mash, then the carrots etc.

      I always check all the cupboards etc in hotels before I let the room door close, axe murderers love hotels, and although I haven't seen thirteen ghosts, I have seen paranormal activity, and my foot is no longer allowed to be outside the covers in case a demon tries to drag me from my bed.

    4. I'm glad my quirks bring such happiness and inspiration!

      I vow to never see Paranormal Activity. I believe there's already far too much hiding in the darkness of my house.

      1. I think were related i cant watch the news because its more sick n twisted than my movies,, hardly go out cuz ima get run over or hit by lightning or drive by sleep with a bat just in case but im selfaware so im ok;)