Friday, February 10, 2012

Operation Tweet Me Back: Part Deux

I'll begin with a semi-relevant but mostly-irrelevant preface: the past few days I've developed a sort of sadness, if you will.  I don't know why I've been feeling so gloomy lately, and yet I know why entirely: I think my life at the very moment is a bit of a toxic cocktail of stress with school and frustration with individuals and a general homesickness - boohoo - but I write this now in the comfort of my home sitting across the couch from my mom and my mood is already two thousand times better.  All that proves is that my residence has become a hotbed for absolute frustration with my situation, but that's neither here nor there; too personal of a topic to explain and too lowbrow of me to even speak further.  Point is, I've found that the general misfortunes of my life have been building upon one another as if like evil bricks constructing an ugly and mean wall of depressed! in my life, and on top of being away from home, I've just become miserable.  I'm glad that I have a weekend at home until Monday morning (save for a trip back to campus for my residence don interview - ahh!) to clear my head before returning to another week of school to soldier through the few academic obstacles I have ahead of me until next week's reading week.  Like I said, I felt an instant happiness even the moment I opened my front door to see my mom standing there ready to bring me back to the bubble, and I have a night out to see The Woman in Black with a friend in a few hours (lord help me) as well as a family function tomorrow so I'm just happy.

Yet, in my stewing of unhappiness this week - a week that included a twenty-four hour stomach flu which exhausted me of all energy I had on Wednesday (I also decided to watch Melancholia that day.  Really beautiful film, but messed up - I've digressed on a digression) - I cooked up another pick-me-up plan I'm going to put in motion for myself.  Round two of my official Twitter mission for a shout-out from a celebrity!  Who?  Hold on for another paragraph or two.

Recall: I've done this before.  And, yes, I was successful - twice.  I've exhausted my feelings on this so I'll gloss over it in just a few sentences, but I was somewhat disappointed with the arrogance I received in response.  Yes, I know, I'm just a nobody who's hounding someone on television for something as trivial as a "hello!" but it's a little disheartening still to be answered with snark, so I'm not overly happy with she-who-must-not-be-named who, I'm sure, will have a highly successful career now that she won't be returning for the second season of AHS and will forever just be the pair of tits on legs.  Good luck, honey.

Otherwise, I've received not one but four whole tweets from comedienne Retta who has a starring role on my favourite TV comedy (and show overall) Parks & Recreation as Donna, the Parks & Rec employee who loves her Mercedes so much and laments about her brother Lavondrias or about the endless line of men she has entertaining "just waiting in the car outside."  She's hilarious, and she's gracious with responding to her fans, so on two occasions I've been responded to for offering (what I thought to be) funny tweets in her direction which have been well received.  Doesn't hurt that she's as funny as Donna in real life.

And so, my Operation Tweet Me Back target is... well, take a guess.

No, I'm not attempting to be the one person out of nineteen million who Lady Gaga will answer one sunny afternoon - hell no.  That's foolish, and honestly, my body is unprepared for what would happen if she ever answered me.  I feel like all of my organs would collapse in unison and my parents will have to hold a funeral for me as soon as possible.  No, instead, I'd love an "X" - and that's what [she] tweets to her fans (often), just "X" for kisses - from Lana Del Rey.

I really like this picture.  I don't really like the words I can't read.
There's no need for me to go over how trivial this is again as I did last time, nor do I have to reiterate how this may be considered creepy on my end, but what can you do.  Yes, I'll fully say that I'm a petty lowly regular Joe that a tweet from Lana Del Rey would give me an infinite amount of smiles to come - like I've said, it's trivial, but I don't care.  That's what I like most about Twitter, I think: the possibility that celebrities have the capacity to type a matter of just one hundred and forty characters to make someone who adores their artistry on top of the world, so as a child of the Internet and as an active Twitter user (and follower of celebrities, ranging from the cast of Parks and Cougar Town and SNL to Mother Monster and Lana Del Rey herself) I might as well capitalize on the possibility that maybe, if I tweet sparingly and as clever as I always do, I might just get that snippet of well wishes to make me gloat about it for who knows how long.  Why Lana?  Flavour of the month.  That makes my fandom for her sound fleeting, but I mean it in the sense that in a time where a lot of the mainstream music is less than thrilling to me - and that Gaga is inbetween albums currently and Born This Way is really stale to me now - she's all I've been listening to for, literally, the past month.  In watching videos of her interacting with fans, I've seen a truly genuine side that makes me melt, so at least I know this time when if I get that response, it wouldn't be riddled with sarcasm.

Anyways, again, this is just lighthearted.  The creepiness of this - I could see it, a bit - only comes out of the fact that I've written this for the purpose of my blog, but I'm good with being a parody of myself for the sake of a good read.  After all, I don't publicize the times I've tweeted Courteney Cox and Busy Phillips or Gaga for the hell of it.  So, again, have a laugh, I don't mind!  That is, after all, the purpose of my blog.  And the moment it's unfunny is the moment I should be removed from existence on this earth.

We'll see!

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