Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A week in review

It's been forever since I've posted here, and for that, I am sorry: not just to you, the reader, but I commission that apology to myself, since I've let a true joy of mine slip into a busy obscurity.  But then again, I prefer having posts with legitimate quality over posting a large senseless quantity, so hopefully the reward is that much better.

As I mentioned: my week was just slightly hectic!  Given that all of my classes have moved past the introductory mechanisms onto actually course content, my nose is constantly in a book doing the assigned readings.  It doesn't help that I have four courses on Monday-Wednesday-Friday, three of them English courses; needless to say my Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights are busy.  Aside from my readings, though, I've somehow kept myself busy in and around campus, so my transformation into full time hermit has been yet again delayed.

Save me, Dr. Kate Winslet

Last Wednesday night, I saw Contagion with my roommate and one of our friends.  Really well done movie, highly entertaining.  The star power alone was nearly blinding, what with the likes of a woman I love, Kate Winslet (I wish she was given more to do - if you've seen it, you know what I mean, and if you haven't, go see it, and then you'll understand), and a woman I don't exactly love, Gwenyth Paltrow , gracing the screen, joining Matt Damon (Matt! Damon!) and Jude Law and Laurence Fishburne and Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Ehle (don't recognize the name?  I didn't either; she was fantastic, and I was shocked to discover she was Elizabeth Bennett in the Pride & Prejudice miniseries starring Colin Firth - ahhh!).  I particularly liked the music: highly glacial and machine-like which fit the mood perfectly.  My biggest gripe, though, was that the movie made me extremely paranoid.  My one friend coughed throughout the movie (not as a joke, he was genuinely coughing), which was frightening, and looking back and thinking about the lingering shots of dirty surfaces and door handles made (and still makes) me squirm.

Thanks a lot, Contagion.  I'm going to die

I got sick over the weekend.  The height of my cold was yesterday, and after seeing a movie where a large amount of the world's population was wiped out by a sickness, I was extremely paranoid and was therefore writing my will and calling up local priests and nuns for my last rites.  Luckily, my throat remained unscathed, and I was able to actually drink water and eat without it tasting like ass.  My nose wasn't so lucky.  I have some sort of psychological block in my mind where, congestion-wise, I'm doing fine - until I get to class, where my nose literally runs nonstop and I sniffle or blow my nose to the disdain of my neighbours.  Upon my exit from class, then, my nose cackles at me, and clears up momentarily.  After sleeping for a good thirteen hours, I'm almost entirely better now.

There's no place like home!

As I outlined in my more recent blogposts, I haven't yet felt that my residence is 'home' to me - yes, I say things like "I'm going home after class," but I by no means consider this to be my home.  I'm surrounded by comfort in all aspects, but my home is and will always be, well, back home, at least until I sign a lease for my own place with my wife, two to three children and two to four Bernese mountain dogs in tow.  To my point: I went home over the weekend which was simply lovely.  It felt like absolutely nothing had changed - that is, aside from some of my favourite items being absent from my room, or my bed being made up of sheets and pillows we keep for guests.  My grandma's birthday was on Sunday (when I began to get sick), so I was able to see my whole family.  By luck, two of my best friends were home for the weekend, too, and I saw them both.  I blame them for my sickness, as they both were sick/were just coming off of a sickness.  You bitches.

The Boy Who is Obsessed with Some Girl with a Dragon Tattoo who Kicked a Hornet's Nest and Played with Fire

I read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo without time between chapters to breathe - it's SO DAMN GOOD.  I'm officially addicted to the Millennium series, and I hastily went out and bought the next two books.  I also watched the Swedish version of TGWTDT, and to be totally honest and blunt, I didn't overly like it as an adaption; as a movie, it was fine, but even still, the obnoxious differences from the book were a little too much for me (and I'm usually not a snobby book purist bitch) and the movie itself was slightly bland.  That being said - and given that I'm usually against remakes, especially those of foreign films because Americans can't be bothered to read subtitles (and yes I'm generalizing to Americans) - the remake coming out this Christmas by David Fincher looks bloody PHENOMENAL.  Greatest movie trailer I've ever seen.  Now that I've read the book, the glimpses are so not enough for me.



I know it technically doesn't fall into the parameters of a week - uh, the True Blood finale last Sunday!?  HOLY SHIT.  And that's all I'll say.  (they killed four main characters.  GODDAMN!)

Now that I'm slowly getting a handle of my reading schedule, I'll do my damnedest to keep up to date with my blog - it seems like an empty promise, I know, since there have been many times where I've fallen off the face of the earth with deep regret.  But, like I said, if I were a reader, I'd prefer quality over senseless quantity, so hopefully this was everything you ever wanted and more.

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