Monday, April 11, 2011

Guilty as charged

I gave Cartoon Matt a makeover.  My hair is darker (as in real life) and I (hopefully) look less like John Lennon.  
 Another note: shit, my arms are fucked up.  Ignore.

The month of March was a fantastic month for my thriving blog.  I got myself back into posting regularly.  I think my style and subject matter took a drastic change (my most recent posts deal with and look a lot different than what I used to talk about and how I used to write).  In fact, I was proud of the rejuvenation: I was proud of what I was producing as well as the large influx of readers I started to get.

Then came April.

Yes, I've completely hit a wall.  Apologies!  I blame the exam season.  I just came off of having three exams in three consecutive days, and needless to say, I'm exhausted.  As a result I've found less and less time devoted to sitting around on my computer and doing nothing / blogging.  (that's usually how a blog post comes to be, if you've ever wondered.  You sit there, you go to, you stare for a while like a delirious dog, then think to yourself "oh yeah, that one thing I wanted to talk about"... and then boom like an unplanned baby, there's a blog post)  I blame exams given that I have no life outside of them.  When I do have a life, I sit on the floor with a friend around a cheesecake while watching Eurotrip.  We quite literally took a whole cheesecake, made a straight line down the middle to equate halves, and then ate the whole damn thing.  I digress.  (you get the point: I'm a little bit dry when it comes to content nowadays)

I think my evolution to using hand-drawn images (and when I mean hand-drawn I just mean that they're original, I obviously do them on a program) has been both a blessing and a curse.  Having my drawings, I feel, takes a little bit away from my "professional credibility," but at the same time makes my blog more personal and, hopefully, more humourous.  On the flip side, they're a bitch to draw.  You may not think it, but each one can take the upwards of an hour to complete.  Guilty as charged: I have around five drafts of blog posts I've intended to post, but they haven't come to fruition 1. because I almost feel like they're already outdated, whether it be my response to "current events" or that they've just become irrelevant in my life, and 2. I don't want to sit down and draw an image for each.  Kill me now.

So, yes, I've hit a wall.  Given that I actually am intending on posting this one, I am preparing to buckle down to draw a masterpiece of a picture for everyone.  Again, apologies for my inactivity: exhaustion, busyness, not having much of a life, and laziness come together to make quite the toxic cocktail of blogger fatality.  Hang on, my sexy readers.  I'll be back and rabid come summer (or, at least, come the end of my exams).

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