Friday, November 26, 2010


Last day of class is on Monday! Conveniently, however, I have the following due: a Shakespeare paper worth 20%, a Science Fiction paper worth 40%, on top of a 20% midterm in Cell Biology.  It's safe to say that I'm heading straight towards exploding, since I have much to do but little time to do so, what with the whole commuter thing (you really have no motivation to do work at all when you get home past 9pm) and with the fact that I still have a job (therefore taking half of my weekend).  I get frustrated in not knowing which order to focus my time in, considering I know that if I take a bit too much time on one thing, the last thing of focus will get the least attention and will probably yield the worst result.

So I'm going to complain for the sake of complaining, not for answers - because there aren't any.  I get that every single class has its own agenda, but does it really make sense for every class to make their final culmination before exams on the same day?  Maybe it's just my luck having those three classes ending on the same day, that could be it.  Maybe professors put too much stock in students, believing them to start that big essay weeks before it was even close to being due.  I think if everyone was capable of that I wouldn't have to groan at the constant stream of facebook statuses bitching about exams or so much work or what have you.  (I escape participating in that annoyance by posting here on my blog where I figure the only people reading are the ones who probably care enough to hear it)

Specializing my complaint: to a certain biology prof, what the fuck?  Is this test necessary?  This is our third massive test - out of four, for a half year course.  All are all-inclusive, meaning I unfortunately can't throw out the useless crap I crammed in my mind for the first two.  This professor is expecting far too much of us, or rather, far too much work from a student body who is far LESS interested.  That class is (was) enjoyable for the reason that people starting snapping back at her to the point where she'd make snide comments about how everyone doesn't like her or that she's a bitch, and while we do agree, I couldn't help but resent her more because of her smugness about it.  (the class was also enjoyable for the people I was with and I'd be lying if I said I DIDN'T pick up BIO207 to keep the good times going on through the year - because I certainly did)

I pretty much feel like exploding come Monday.  I wish I could let off steam, but when I actually did, it turned out a bit sloppy (if not successful?).  My only motivation flashing in my brain is that in less than 96 hours (including sleep) I'll be free of all this, at least until exams kick in.  The 96 hours to come, though, will be a tough one.

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