Monday, November 1, 2010

Free falling

First, let me say again that the internet, specifically blogs and other personal outlets of the sort, are all slippery slopes; too easy is it for us to quickly lose our censors, to get too personal for our own goods.  In this respect, I'm a hypocrite: I'm sure I've divulged personal things here - none all too personal, of course - and likely the few sentences I have planned in my mind might overstep my hypocritical boundaries.

I'm on cloud nine.  It definitely helps that I think I aced the test I wrote but two hours ago - thank god for CAUUCA and UGUAGUA (read them aloud.  That's how we study around here at UTM).  But seriously, I think I've fallen.  Hard.  Like down two flights of stairs hard.

Stopping there; the point about this was that I'm obscenely happy.  The forthcoming week looks like a good one.

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