Sunday, March 11, 2012


Creatively, I'm stumped.

This was one step away from becoming another drunk post because truth be told I've been drinking tonight, but I think I have enough sensibility to form cohesive sentences and muster actual human thought, or at least enough to drive this post.  I suppose it's worth mentioning that I decided to write this many hours ago, but I ended up sidetracked by the prospects of eating and procrastinating and listening to new music and mostly drinking: the only purpose mentioning this achieves is the verification that, yes, these are very much sober thoughts, but they happen to be produced in a not-so-sober state of mind.  In keeping with that I've proofread every single one of my sentences five times before I've moved onto the next, and if you happen to find a gross mistake, feel free to berate me.  (I'm not overly drunk, either, but I'm certainly not sober, and you almost read the word "stober" if not for my swift backspacing)

As I've exhausted already, I have too much free time on my hands.  You could imagine, then, that I've felt the need to post here more often (frequent in comparison to the rate in which I've done so for the past few months, if you will - I need to mention I upset myself when I scroll down the front page of my blog and find posts from the beginning of January), but try as I may that creative inspiration has yet to slap me in the face.  You might ask yourself, then, the point of this, and I can confirm there is no purpose to this post so if you have the slightest bit of disdain for me I'm giving you an out and you can show yourself elsewhere - liking me enough to respond will come into play very soon.  I decided, then, those many sober hours ago, that I might pose a question to those who actually read the project that is my blog, and that question is: what do you want me to write about?

And so we reach the kernel of this truly irrelevant and largely useless post: for the first time, I offer the floor to my reader.  Whether you leave a comment here on this very post (anonymous or not, I don't care) or if you comment on the Facebook link I'm minutes away from creating to this new entry or if you even tell me upfront in a text message or in person or (hopefully!) by telegraph, carrier pigeon or telepathy, I formally ask you - yes, you, the reader at this very moment - to partake in the ignition of my creative mindset by providing me with something reminiscent of a theme that I might choose to write about in the near future.  Give me some deep, philosophical concept; give me something polarizing enough that it'll be impossible for me to write a neutral response to; give me something absolutely ridiculous or shockingly personal or just mediocre overall, I don't care: all I ask is for creative, thematic aid, and I should hope I at least get some mature response.

If not, I can always pretend this post never happened.  ;)

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